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    Skokie Commercial Litigation Lawyer

    17+ Years of Experience Settling Business Disputes in Chicago and Surrounding Areas

    At RDS Law Offices, LLC, we have over 17 years of professional legal experience. We understand how sensitive business disputes can be, and we have the experience and litigation skills you need to put up a winning fight. Our firm intentionally takes a low caseload to ensure that we can dedicate thorough investigation and analysis to our clients’ cases, and our attorney is especially adept at settling even the most “unsettleable” cases. 

    Our firm handles the following types of commercial business disputes:

    • Breach of Contract
    • Damaged, Lost, or Contaminated Freight/Trucking Claims
    • Business Fraud
    • Commercial Insurance Claims
    • Default Services

    Breach of Contract Cases

    A breach of contract occurs when a party fails to perform their duties as established in the contract. Under Illinois law, an unlawful breach contains the following four elements:

    • the existence of a valid and enforceable contract;
    • satisfactory performance by the non-breaching party (plaintiff);
    • breach of contract by the defendant; and
    • causal injury to the non-breaching party.

    If the breach meets the above criteria, you can take legal action. You have several options for seeking remedy for the damages incurred by the breach, such as:

    • Enforcing the terms of the original contract
    • Canceling the contract and suing for restitution (repayment for losses)
    • Suing for damages
    • Suing for liquidated damages as specified in the contract

    Note that Illinois law specifies that the monetary award for damages should put the non-breaching party in the same position they would have been in had the contract been appropriately performed by the other party.

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    Commercial Insurance Claims

    Smart businesspeople understand the importance of having ample insurance for their commercial real estate holdings. Paying large premiums for this protection is worthwhile to ensure that your business does not sustain a loss when the property is damaged by fire, wind, floods, and other disasters. 

    Unfortunately, many business owners don’t read the hundreds of pages of the fine print when they sign up for their policy and get a rude awakening when they make a claim. The good news is that our commercial litigation attorney at RDS Law Offices, LLC knows how to get insurance companies to pay out you’re entitled to so you don’t need to write off a loss.

    Why You Should Consult an Attorney

    Whether you are dealing with a contract breach, commercial insurance claim, or mortgage default, it is in your best interests to consult a legal professional. At RDS Law Offices, LLC, we will put our 17+ years of legal experience to use as we help you develop a legal strategy that meets your goals and needs. We can help you obtain compensation for damages due to a contract breach, get insurance companies to pay out what you deserve, and help you avoid foreclosure despite your default status.

    Having a trained legal eye on your side will prove immensely useful, as many commercial disputes are entangled in complex legal jargon. Our commercial litigation attorney can provide personalized attention to your case and build a multi-angle solution to help you out of your legal mess thoroughly and efficiently. We also offer legal services in Spanish, and Polish for clients who need them.

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    • “Professionalism and tenacity are ingrained in his DNA; it is no act, that is just his disposition.” - Jeff P
    • “Communication was great and the outcome of my case was far better than expected.” - Preston R
    • “I was given great advice, his insight and experience into the matter was very helpful.” - Kevin W

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